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Many bloggers and brands are turning to podcasts to expand their audience. Here are some tips for telling a great story and conquering the podcast interview.

Source: Mastering the Podcast Interview: Telling Great Stories Through Voice


Star Date: 1989

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Social Technologies

I came across this article while researching the history of the web. It’s a timeline by the Pew Research Center, featuring images, videos and interesting facts about the World Wide Web from 1989 to 2014.


We Are the Web is a 2005 article written by Kevin Kelly and published in that year’s August edition of Wired Magazine. The article provides an insight into the prevailing attitudes of some businesses towards the World Wide Web between 1995 and 2005, a time period when the web was essentially still a new channel of communication. It is an interesting read which highlights how the growth of the web shook the established top down structure of the way large corporations, such as broadcasting companies, relayed information and interacted with consumers.


Watching the video The Machine is Us/ing Us (2007) by Michael Wesch, made me truly think about how we use the World Wide Web. We use the web to update our blogs, share web pages, share and add content on social media platforms and more, all while viewing content that has also been shared by others. But how are we able to have the act of changing online content as part of our daily DNA?