Spreadable Media Assignment

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Creating Spreadable Media
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As part of our Social Technologies component, we were to create either a minimum of three spreadable media artefacts, or one long one about 2 – 3 minutes in length. These artefacts were to be sent on their merry way into the World Wide Web, in the hopes that they might spread through shares and likeson social media networks. We were also to use analytics tools to keep track our works’ journey through the web.

Initially, I had decided to do a video to be used as the one long artefact, but recently I included one more piece, a meme. It’s a contrast. One piece was video and based on a serious topic, while the other was a photograph and done purely for fun.

Ultimately, the aim of these spreadable media artefacts as well as the entire process of blogging and sharing online content, is to gain a better idea of the inter-connectivity of social networks. For instance, linking your WordPress blog with your other social networks means that whenever you post content on your blog, that content is automatically shared on your connected networks via a link to the post. The pathways created by sharing content in this way makes the potential for the connected flow of online traffic throughout your social networks possible. This is an important aspect to consider when sharing content online.



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