You must Blog

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Other Interests




These may be familiar sounds for anyone who has just begun to stick their toes into the ebb and flow of blogging. For me, those were the sounds I made just this morning as I once again sat at my computer to (try) think of something to write.

My sudden word loss sent me on a search – tips for new bloggers. And while soaking up these bits of wisdom, I remembered a few words that have always saved my sanity:

Write what you know.

To that I will add: A blog is (just) a conversation.

It may seem a small thing, but this is the switch in perspective that I needed. Those few words have altered my initial thoughts about easing into the blogging stream – now I see it as (being) more fun to jump into it instead.

And though blogging may sometimes make me feel like having a Don Music melt down, I bear in mind a little something (real); Good ol’ Don M. always stuck with it, and worked towards a creative solution, and so shall I.


Comedy - Never get it





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