Unfiltered Caribbean Music and the Global Scale: Is there room?

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Other Interests

Calypso. Reggae.

These are just two examples of music which have their roots in the Caribbean. From the song Under the Sea, done for the Walt Disney feature animation The Little Mermaid, to Believe in Yourself from Arthur, a children’s television series done in association with PBS, and even the approach to the series Rastamouse, it is clear that there is some international appeal for calypso and reggae music in film and television shows – though in a somewhat toned down form.

But even these filtered versions could create an opening for the full and unaltered sound of music directly from the Caribbean region. The rhythmic pulse, the instrumentation and lyrical phrasing can provide another view in the approach to how music is used onscreen.

Perhaps even one the following songs may one day be featured in a film or television series.


Biggie Irie: Pankatang
(Barbados – Crop Over 2014)


Imani: Bacchanal Road
(Barbados – Crop Over 2014)





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